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November 2003: Mr. Esad Mahmudi (Birthday: 1965)
Diagnosis: Lung cancer (3cm Tumor)
Tian Xian treatment duration: 2 months.
Result : Tumor is 1.5cm now. (Turkey)

November 2003: Mr.Mustafa Þimþek (Birthday: 1941)
Diagnosis: Tumor in neck, waist, and bone.
Medical Treatment : Radiotherapy.
Duration Tian Xian Treatment : 2 months.
Result : He was bedridden. The first days, he had diarrhea. Afterwards, the patient started to put on weight and his appetite started to develop. The end of the first month after using the Tian Xian, he came to our office by walking. Now, the tumor is only on his neck and it became small to 1cm. from 3cm. (Turkey)

November 2003: Mr.Abdullah Özdemir (Birthday: 1928)
Diagnosis: Large intestine cancer.
Medical Treatment : Surgery twice.
Tian Xian Treatment : 1 month
Result : He started to put on weight. He could continue the Tian Xian only 1 month and 1 time because of his buying impossibility (he is very poor). Now, he continues his life normally. (Turkey)

November 2003: Mr.Ali Karademir (Birthday: 1933)
Diagnosis : Liver cancer (The tumor is : 4*4 and 5*7)
Intestine: 6mm Tumor
Right kidney: 1cm Tumor
Medical Treatment: NONE.
Tian Xian treatment : 2 months.
Result : In the first week, the faeces with smell, often urine and started an ache on the liver. He was 51kgs., now he is 62kgs. His appetite is very good. The tumors on the liver are 2*1cm and 4*3cm. The tumor on the intestine disappeared. (Turkey)

November 2003: Mrs.Sündüz Çakan (Birthday : 1943)
Diagnosis: Stomach lymph cancer (3 tumours)
Medical Treatment : chemotherapy, drug treatment (6 months)
Tian Xian Treatment: 3 months
Result : After her using the Tian Xian , her illness is going very positive. The tumors on the stomach disappeared completely. (Turkey)

October 14, 2003: My father has died at 6am on October 8, 2003. Fortunately, I was able to be with him until the last minute. In spite of the pain that I feel; I have the tranquility that my father was in peace. Tian Xian capsules helped him have a better quality of life. (Chile)*

September 8, 2003: James is still progressing and both he and Maria are delighted as we are too. (United Kingdom)

September 6, 2003: "I found your name online while looking for information on purchasing Tian Xian Liquid (10cc). I am a cancer patient who has been using Tian Xian Liquid for the last four months with good results." (New York)

May 5, 2003: Paul is more than delighted with his father's progress, he has been able to take him out today for a couple of hours. Many, many thanks. (United Kingdom)

*Editor's Note: Text has been edited for better translation readability.

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