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Standard Dosage for Tian Xian Liquid

What is the standard dosage?

A standard dosage is suitable for early and middle stage cancer patients, and those at recovery phase. A standard dosage requires patients to take Tian Xian Liquid 40cc a day, 20 cc each at 9AM and 9PM.

What is an increased dosage?

An increased dosage is suitable for terminal stage cancer patients and those undertaking special treatment. An increased dosage requires patients to take 60cc a day, 20 cc each at 9AM, 3PM, and 9PM.

What is the difference between standard and increased dosage?

During the past few years, most of our patients were at the last or terminal stages of cancer. Some of them could not receive western medical treatments due to various reasons. As a result, standard dosage was not effective enough for most patients. An increased dosage is strongly recommended.

Why is it recommended to take Tian Xian Liquid at 9AM and 9PM?

Research indicates that cancer cells are most active and replicate fastest at 10 to 11 o‘clock both in the morning and at night. If patients can take Tian Xian Liquid at 9AM and 9PM, the medication will be more efficient in controlling the growth of cancer cells during this period.

Is there a maximum dosage for Tian Xian Liquid?

The maximum dosage for Tian Xian Liquid is 120cc a day. Taking too much of any medicine will burden the liver and kidney.

What is maximum number of Tian Xian Suppository to be applied each day?

The ingredients of Tian Xian Suppository consists of strong anti-cancer medicines. The maximum number to be used daily is 4 granules.

Should Vital Essential be taken constantly?

The fact is that physical condition will become less healthy as people get old. In addition, the external environment is becoming more harmful to our body. As a result, we need health supplements to maintain physical functions. It would be beneficial to take Vital Essential constantly.

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