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Effects of Tian Xian Products

Constipation may occur after taking Tian Xian Liquid. What should be done?

Ans :
Since it contains animal bile (according to Chinese medicine, it is a cool medicine) if the patient has hot physique, there is a slight chance of having constipation. This may be relieved simply by taking some saline water before breakfast in the morning. Patients are advised to include high fiber products in their daily diet.

Diarrhea may occur after taking Tian Xian Liquid. What should be done ?

Ans :
This usually happens to patients with cool and vague physique. This may be relieved by drinking red dates (5 to 7 pieces) and ginger (3 to 5 slices) water for 3 to 5 days.

Epigastric pain may occur after taking Tian Xian Liquid. What should be done?

Ans :
This is due to Tian Xian Liquid‘s function of activating blood circulation and removing bruise. This symptom often happens to patients whose malignancy is in the area of lungs. This symptom would disappear after one course of the dosage.

Continuous belching may occur and the stomach may feel hot after taking Tian Xian Liquid. What should be done?

Ans :
This usually happens to the patients who have chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer when they started the application of Tian Xian Liquid. Improvement may be obtained by drinking red dates and ginger water. Gastritis may also be cured after one course of dosage.

Gasp may occur and the heart-beat may become faster after taking Tian Xian Liquid. What should be done?

Ans :
Tian Xian Liquid has the effect of accelerating blood circulation and relief of the symptom may be obtained continuation of dosage. This usually happens to a small minority of people with weak heart function. You may simply reduce the amount and increase the number of dosage. Heart stimulant is not required.

Dizziness may occur after taking Tian Xian Liquid. What should be done?

Ans :
This is mainly due to excessively weak physique of patients. It will be relieved after one week by simply reducing the dosage till patients get used to the medicines. Remember to increase the dosage when the symptom is gone.

Poor appetite and nausea may occur after taking Tian Xian Liquid. What should be done?

Ans :
Taking Tian Xian Liquid will not cause poor appetite and nausea. If undertaking chemotherapy or radiotherapy, patients will experience vomiting, nausea, and etc. They may resist the smell of the herbal medicine. You may reduce the amount of Tian Xian Liquid and increase the use of Tian Xian Suppository till these symptoms lessen.

Blood pressure may rise after taking Tian Xian Liquid. What should be done?

Ans :
Tian Xian Liquid has the function of accelerating blood circulation. This is a temporary symptom and will not cause cardio vascular disease. If you are suffering from hypertension, please continue taking the tension-relief medicine.

If patients suffering diabetes experience increased blood sugar, what should be done?

Ans :
Tian Xian Liquid should be taken in conjunction with blood-sugar-reduction medicines. Patients should visit their doctors on the regular basis to follow up with the reading of blood sugar level.

Patient‘s skin tone may become darker after taking Tian Xian Liquid. What should be done?

Ans :
This usually happens to liver cancer patients. After 2 to 3 months period of dosage, normal state will resume.

Haemorrhoids may occur after taking Tian Xian Liquid. What should be done?

Ans :
This is a sign of expulsion of toxic substances out of the body for patients who originally suffer from Haemorrhoids. It is better to ask a surgical doctor to sterilize and bandage to avoid contamination of germs. Tian Xian Suppository can be applied to help cure haemorrhoids after the wound had healed.

What are the body reactions showing that Tian Xian Liquid has become active in the body?

Ans :
After 3 to 5 days of application, some body reactions such as pain, sore , and fatigue will occur based on the focus and the extent of the diseases. These are improvement body reactions which will go away when patients get used to the medicines after continuous application.

Vomiting and bloody stool may occur to a gastric cancer patient after the dosage. What should be done ?

Ans : Vomiting:
The dosage may be taken along with fresh ginger slices and red dates prepared in boiling water

Bloody stool: If bloody stool occurs, please ask a doctor to examine whether it is the metastasis of the cancerous cells to the large intestine or rectum.

Aching may occur throughout the body after taking Tian Xian Liquid. What should be done?

Ans :
This is the normal sign of having smooth circulation of the blood networks and a sign of medicinal herbs in fighting against cancer cells. The dosage should be continued and relief will result in 1 or 2 weeks.

How to take Tian Xian Liquid when oral ulcer occurs after chemotherapy?

Ans :
Dilute Tian Xian Liquid with the same amount of water and take the diluted medicines slowly. Tian Xian Suppository is strongly recommended to enhance the effect of Tian Xian Liquid and to stop pain.

How to take Tian Xian Liquid when patients need the assistance of gavage?

Ans :
Inject Tian Xian Liquid first and 15cc of water using syringe into gavage to make sure Tian Xian Liquid flow into stomach.

How should patients suffering from ascites utilize Tian Xian Liquid and its serial products?

Ans :
For serious ascites, western medical treatment is required to expel the water. Application of Tian Xian Liquid, Capsules, and Suppository will be able control ascite from developing too fast at the early stage.

What should be done when cancer patients catch a cold?

Ans :
When patients or family members have symptoms of flu, please add 20cc of Tian Xian Liquid to the suggested dosage for at least 7 days to strength immunity functions to fight against virus.

Why is the taste of Tian Xian Liquid sometimes differ?

Ans :
It is because of the difference in concentration and sweetness of the honey produced by the bees from different flowers over the seasons. You may therefore feel some difference in the prescribed Tian Xian Liquid.

May Tian Xian Liquid be taken before and after a surgical operation or before, during and after chemotherapy ?

Ans :
If your doctor requires fasting, you should not take Tian Xian Liquid until you finish the therapy. If the doctor did not require fasting, you may continue the dosage. You can resume the dose after the surgery -- with doctor‘s permission to take some liquid diet.

Which Tian Xian Capsule is most suitable for patients with few new focuses of cancer metastasis?

Ans :
Patients with few new focuses of cancer metastasis may choose Tian Xian Capsule based on either the latest focus of metastasis or the most uncomfortable part. If patients undertook many courses of chemotherapy or radiotherapy which may cause hemopoiesis function disturbance, long-term application of Tian Xian Capsule #3 is strongly recommended to strengthen weak physique.

If patients have difficulty to swallow the Tian Xian Capsule, what shall be done ?

Ans :
Just open the capsule and mix with the medicated powder with honey water. The curing effect is even better than swallowing the capsule.

How do rectal cancer patients who was implanted with tracheotomy (artificial anus) use Tian Xian Suppository?

Ans :
If the wound has not yet healed, do not use the suppository. If wound has been healed for at least one month and the patients does not experience slight diarrhea, insert suppository directly into tracheotomy.

Can Tian Xian Suppository be used for all kinds of cancer?

Ans :
Yes. The medication of Tian Xian Suppository is absorbed directly through local mucosa and blood vessel. When combined with Tian Xian Liquid and Capsule, it can effectively control cancer growth, prevent metastasis and relieve pain.

What kinds of cancers require application of Tian Xian Plaster ?

Ans :
Tian Xian Plaster can be used externally for those cancer diseases close to body surface. Tian Xian Plaster can resolve masses and relieve pains, stop bruise and remove swells. Combined with Tian Xian Liquid and Capsule, the curing effect can be increased by absorption of the medicine through different networks.

What should be done if the patient is too weak ?

Ans :
For those patients who receive frequent chemotherapy and radiotherapy and are at last stage of cancer, in addition to the application of Tian Xian Liquid, Capsule, Suppository and Plaster, Vital Essential may be taken both in the morning and at night to strengthen the body.

A patient of nasopharyngeal carcinoma who receives repeated radiotherapy will experience difficulty of opening his or her mouth. What should be done?

Ans :
This will be improved by pasting Tian Xian Plaster on the cheeks once a day for eight hours.

Can patients undergoing hemodialysis take Tian Xian Products?

Ans :
Patients are not recommended to take Tian Xian Products on the day of hemodialysis. Patients can resume application after hemodialysis.

When rashes, pimples or uloncus occur after taking Vital Essential, what should be done?

Ans :
These are improvement reactions. If these symptoms become worse, please stop the dosage until these symptoms disappear which usually takes 7 to 10 days. You may resume with smaller amount of the dosage and gradually increase to 20cc a day.

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