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How effective is Tian Xian Liquid?

Is Tian Xian Liquid really effective ?

Ans :
Yes, it is effective. Based on different conditions of each patient and the stages of cancer, Tian Xian Liquid will have different level of effectiveness. It is effective when the expected effectiveness is achieved for a specific stage of cancer.

What does “expected effectiveness for a specific stage of cancer” mean?

Ans :
• Last stage cancer: Tian Xian Liquid can release pain and prolong life span. Most last stage cancer patients would rest peacefully.

• Middle stage cancer: When combined with western medical treatment, Tian Xian Liquid can help patients improve day by day. Patients are required to take the medicines at the dosage and time suggested in order to achieve the expected effectiveness (control the growth of cancer, prevent metastasis and further reduce of size of tumor).

• Early stage cancer: When combined with western medical treatment, Tian Xian Liquid can destroy cancer cells and control cancer relapse effectively. In addition, it can ease the side effects resulted from chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

In order to achieve expected effectiveness for a specific stage of cancer, patients must have faith and courage to fight against cancer in the long term.

What does 80.2% effective rate mean?

Ans :
• It represented an aggregate of 80.2% among the clinical cases when standard dosage was applied.

• 1.2% Relief Rate: over 50% reduction in size of tumor focus which sustained for over 4 weeks.

• 2% Improvement Rate: tumor focus diminished by 25% but under 50% which sustained for at least 4 weeks.

• 77% Stabilization Rate: tumor focus diminished by or under 25% with no growth or new focus.

Is Tian Xian Liquid guaranteed to be absolutely effective?

Ans :
Unfortunately not. It is the most effective Chinese medicine especially when combined with western medical cancer treatment. Based on past experience, Tian Xian Liquid is able to strengthen the immune system and prolong patient‘s life span. A well kept physical condition allows patients a chance to wait for a more advanced and effective medicine and treatment for cancer in the future.

In addition to Tian Xian Capsule #3, what other method can lessen the side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, etc., resulted from chemotherapy or radiotherapy?

Ans :
Pasting Tian Xian Plaster on the uncomfortable areas will lessen these side effects.

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