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Tian Xian and Other Diseases

During fever, may Tian Xian Suppository be applied as antipyretic?

Ans :
Tian Xian Suppository has heat relief effect. For against fever caused by infection of virus, it is not advisable to use Tian Xian Suppository for abatement of fever.

Can Tian Xian Suppository be used to cure feminine diseases?

Ans :
Yes. Due to its antiphlogistic, styptic and anti-itching effects, it may be used to cure vaginitis, vaginitis trichomonas, venereal disease and cervical cancer.

Can Tian Xian Suppository cure hemorrhoids?

Ans :
Yes. Tian Xian Suppository may relieve the pains of hemorrhoids. If hermorrhoids already break out and bleed, western treatment is required to stop bleeding. If it is only swollen, continuous use of Tian Xian Suppository can heal hermorrhoids in a short period of time. What is most important is to have regular life style and eat more fruit and vegetables.

During headache, can pain be relieved by pasting of Tian Xian Plaster ?

Ans :
Yes. Paste it on the temples and between eyebrows for 30 minutes and the pain will generally lessen.

During sore waist and backache, can pain be relieved by pasting of Tian Xian Plaster ?

Ans :
Pains may be relieved by pasting Tian Xian Plaster on the wider area where pains occur. It is very important to visit your doctor to find out the reasons that cause pains.

Is it helpful to have Tian Xian Plaster pasted for coughing and sore throat?

Ans :
Swelling may be removed and pain relieved. Recovery will be achieved in 3 to 5 days when used with Tian Xian Antitussives Capsules.

During toothache, can pain be relieved by pasting of Tian Xian Plaster ?

Ans :
Yes. By pasting on the affected part, pain will generally be relieved in 20 minutes. Please visit your dentist for a proper exam.

Can Tian Xian Plaster cure cracking hands and beriberi?

Ans :
It has specific effect to cure cracking hands and beriberi which requires time and patience. It is advised to combine with western treatment.

On dysmenorrhea, can pain be relieved by pasting of Tian Xian Plaster ?

Ans :
Pasting it on the abdomen will result in obvious pain relief. To have better effect, apply it on the abdomen with a hot compress.

What should be done when there is chest distress and the pectoralgia occur?

Ans :
Please have your doctor find out the causes of chest distress and pectoralgia.

Can abdominal pain be relieved by pasting Tian Xian Plaster ?

Ans :
Pain can be relieved. Diagnosis should be conducted to find out the cause of the pain to prevent a misjudge.

Is it useful to have Tian Xian Plaster pasted to relieve muscle pain caused by exercises?

Ans :
It has the effect of detumescence and may prevent other diseases caused by stasis of blood and injury of the tissues. If you do not know the cause of the pain, please ask your doctor for a exam.

Is it helpful to use Tian Xian Plaster for nasal obstruction?

Ans :
Yes, pasting on the temples and between eyebrows for antiseptic and soothing effects. It is important to have examination and treatment in the hospital.

For scapulohumeral periarthritis, is it helpful to paste Tian Xian Plaster to relieve pain ?

Ans :
It may be pasted on the affected part for a week to relieve or cure the pain.

Is it helpful to use Tian Xian Plaster for stiff neck?

Ans :
Yes, applying on the lower backneck. Please refer to the Tian Xian Plaster application demonstration.

Is it helpful to paste Tian Xian Plaster for spur?

Ans :
Yes. This should cope with adjustment to the vertebra.

Can pain be relieved for rheumatalgia and arthritis by Tian Xian Plaster ?

Ans :
Yes. It has the effects of expelling the wind, relaxing muscles, and relieving pain. Please remember to take care of daily life and keep warm. The effects can be enhanced by applying Vital Essential.

Is it effective for viral hepatitis A, B and C sufferers to take the Tian Xian Liquid?

Ans :
Yes. By taking Tian Xian Liquid in conjunction with Tian Xian Capsule No. 6 , the liver functions may be strengthened to prevent cirrhosis.

After the index has dropped after taking Tian Xian Liquid, may a viral hepatitis A, B and C sufferer stop the dosage?

Ans :
When the index has dropped to the normal rating, the dose should be maintained but may be reduced.

Is it effective to take Tian Xian Liquid for cirrhosis?

Ans :
By taking Tian Xian Liquid in conjunction with Tian Xian Capsule No. 6, the liver functions may be strengthened to prevent against liver cancer. When improvement occurs, please take Vital Essential to maintain the condition of liver.

Does Vital Essential have any effect on sensitive skin?

Ans :
Generally, Vital Essential will strengthen immune system and improve physical nature. Improvement of sensitive skin problem will be achieved through long term application.

Can Vital Essential improve irritability, insomnia and dreaminess?

Ans :
Yes, these symptoms will be improved in few days. To maintain the improvement, please continue the application for at least 3 months.

Can Vital Essential regulate menstruation irregularity and disorder of internal secretion and even have beautifying effect?

Ans :
Taking Vital Essential can stimulate metabolism, regulate endocrine imbalance and beautify skin. Better results can be achieved by continuous long term application.

Can teenage girls take Vital Essential?

Ans :
Yes. Vital Essential can smooth the circulation of blood networks. Therefore, it can improve irregular menstruation and menoxenia.

Is Vital Essential effective in improving hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism?

Ans :
It is suggested to combine western and Chinese herbal treatment. The western curing effect will be enhanced by taking Vital Essential.

Is Vital Essential effective for dim-sighted, acerbity or sensitivity caused by prolong improper use of the eyes?

Ans :
Yes, Vital Essential may be applied to help recover from eye fatigue. It is important to take good care of eyes.

Is it effective to take Vital Essential for soreness of waist, backache, shoulder aching pain and lumbago due to the kidney deficiency of the aged ?

Ans :
It is effective. These will be improved by merely taking Vital Essential and Tian Xian Plaster.

For those having weak stomach due to poor digestive system and absorption function, is it effective to take Vital Essential ?

Ans :
Yes, Vital Essential can protect stomach mucosa and therefore is very effective for peptic ulcer. It requires long term application and regular eating habits.

Is Vital Essential effective for Gout?

Ans :
Yes, because it can smoother the circulation of blood networks, remove swell and bruises. It can effectively ease the pain from Gout. Western medicines are necessary in the beginning of the treatment. When the symptoms diminish, western medicines can slowly be decreased.

Is Vital Essential suitable for those people who have very weak constitution and have been ill for a long period of time?

Ans :
Yes. Taking Vital Essential can improve immunity function and energy during restorative period for both children and adults who are very weak, catch a cold easily, and have been through surgery. It is a very simple, safe, convenient and effective health supplement.

Is Vital Essential suitable for those people who suffers from brain nerve weakness?

Ans :
Yes. Taking Vital Essential can increase the oxygen utilization in the brain which will improve migraine, incapability to focus and impaired memory resulted from excessive use of brain and brain nerve weakness.

Can Vital Essential improve symptoms associated with menopause?

Ans :
Yes. The ingredients of Vital Essential can improve constitution and maintain the level of red blood cell count. The symptoms can be lessen.

Can Vital Essential promote liver functions and neutralize drinking effects?

Ans :
Yes. It can prevent infection of hepatitis and increase the detoxifying function of liver. Taking Vital Essential before and after drinking alcohol has an inhibitory effect on ethanol which causes drunkenness and promotes the metabolism of alcohol.

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