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Tian Xian Information

Is it helpful to take Tian Xian Liquid for benign tumor?

Ans :
Yes. Taking it at the standard dosage for 3 to 6 months will reduce the tumor size significantly. It may be taken to prevent it from developing into malignant tumor.

Are there any counterfeits for Tian Xian Liquid?

Ans :
All high quality products may be imitated all over the world. Many customers bought counterfeits because they did not know how to differentiate counterfeits. Our company have invested on the research and development on the new package for Tian Xian Liquid which will be available starting on December 1998. Please recognize clearly the new look of Tian Xian Liquid and consult with genuine contracted distributors.

Can patients take other Chinese medicines or supplements when they take Tian Xian Liquid?

Ans :
It is very important to take Tian Xian Liquid at the suggested time. Patients can take calcium, iron, hormone and other Chinese medicines that are supportive to the blood and vital energy at the interval of one hour. Other anti-cancer herbal medicines are not recommended because some of the ingredients might be overlapping or contradicting. Patients do not have to add ginseng in the treatment because the ginseng used in Tian Xian Liquid was from Changbai Mountain which is proved to be the most effective ginseng compared to ginsen from other areas. Patients also need to select other supplements wisely.

Is it necessary to take Tian Xian Liquid for one's whole life ?

Ans :
As long as the cancer has been stabilized, the dosage can be adjusted and reduced. It is strongly recommended that patients conduct follow-up examination on the regular basis. Generally, the dose applications are divided into 3 stages:

• In the case of combined application with surgery and chemotherapy, we recommend the dosage be followed for 3 to 6 months until examination confirms that the tumor have diminished or disappeared.

• During the next two years, please change to one month dosage per quarter. That is, by having the dose for one month while on suspension for the next two months.

• Owing to the high relapse rate of as much as 60% within 5 years of the cancer disease, dosage should be taken for one month in March and September during the three subsequent years.

If taking Tian Xian Liquid continuously, patients will prevent other diseases due to well regulated constitution and strengthened immune system.

Which cancer disease is Tian Xian Liquid most effective on ?

Ans :
When destroying cancer cells, Tian Xian Liquid is able to strengthen the immunity functions of the body at the same time. The therapeutic theory focuses on the total rebuild of body to restore health and eliminate illness. Therefore it is very effective to numerous types of cancer disease. Since it is by oral application, it has the greatest effect to cancers of the digestive system.

When should Tian Xian Antitussivese Capsule be used?

Ans :
It is used for lung cancer patients who have acute and chronic tracheitis, hypersensitive asthma, chest distress, and cough. Combined application of Tian Xian Antitussives and Tian Xian Plaster can ease these symptoms effectively.

When should Tian Xian Ostitis Tablet be used?

Ans :
It is applied for patients who have bone cancer, osteometastasis and osteoporosis. Combined application of Tian Xian Ostitis Tablet and Tian Xian Plaster can effectively help release pain.

Are the white spots on the surface of Tian Xian Suppository traces of mildew?

Ans :
The white spots are one of the constituent medical substances, which may also prevent the Tian Xian Suppository sticking onto the package bag.

How to use Tian Xian Suppository properly?

Ans :
Tian Xian Suppository is to be inserted into anus or vagina and is dissolved by body temperature. You may apply lubricant such as Vaseline on the surface of the Tian Xian Suppository for a smoother insert. Please insert suppository 3 to 5 cm deep and rest on the bed for 20 minutes so that suppository will not fall out of the body.

What should be done if the affected part is sensitive and itching after application of Tian Xian Plaster?

Ans :
This indicates that you have sensitive skin. Please apply a thin film of galactic liquid or lipa before pasting the Tian Xian Plaster. Depending on the reaction of the skin, remove it within 4 hours or if adverse sensation occurs.

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