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Lung Cancer Survivor: Forever Grateful to Tian Xian Liquid

Ms. Watanabe Yuki (58, Japan)

I began coughing severely in November 1997 and I thought it was just a flu. I went to the hospital and they prescribed some cough medicine. But still, coughing did not stop.

Ms. Watanabe and her daughter

After two weeks, I had an X-ray examination and it showed the accumulation of liquid in my lung. It was the cause of my cough. They were able to drain 4.5 liters of the liquid.

The severe cough recurred in April 1998, and water accumulation in my lung was confirmed. After draining the water in the left lung, I thought I could go home. But water began to accumulate in the right lung as well. I had another operation and they injected medicine to my lungs to prevent further water accumulation.

"...I already felt that my life was in jeopardy."

However, my body rejected the medication and I suffered a high fever and had difficulty breathing. I already felt that my life was in jeopardy. The treatment for the right lung was suspended and the cough still wouldn`t go away. Then, I lost my appetite. The cough grew worse after I went home.

It was even difficult for me to climb the stairs. I suffered greatly from the severe coughing during the three weeks at home. Then I went back to the hospital again.
The final test results on July 15 confirmed lung cancer. The sever cough made it difficult for me to speak, breathe, and walk, so I was bedridden. Fortunately, the patient beside me told me about Tian Xian Liquid.

I began taking 4 bottles a day (1 bottle = 10cc). In just three days, the severe cough was slightly relieved. I even had enough strength to walk to the toilet.

On September 13, I was relying on Tian Xian Liquid to improve my health so I could attend my daughter`s upcoming wedding. Starting September 23, the doctors placed me on the anti cancer drip treatment.

Many people did warned me about the severe side effects of the treatment. My dream came true, the doctor allowed me to leave the hospital on October 15 and I was able to attend my daughter`s wedding.

A follow-up X-ray examination showed that the lung cancer had disappeared, and there was no more water accumulation. "...I will always thank China No.1 Tian Xian Liquid."

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