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image Have Faith to Overcome Cancer Because I Understand Cancer

Mr. Chang Lu (36, Taiwan)

One year ago, with strong will, self-discipline and dedication, I and my newly wed wife planed to create a life that we have always dreamed of to welcome our first baby to the world. Naturally, I resume the responsibility to make our dreams come true. I was too occupied to notice any changes of my body reaction. However, I must ask doctor to help me with the pain of my tongue three months ago. Surprisingly, I was diagnosed to have early stage oral cancer and surgery must be performed to remove one half of my tongue. It was totally beyond my expectation and control. What made everything worse was that this tragedy happened before my first child was born.

Nevertheless, the encouragement of my wife and many of my friends and relatives awakened the strength inside of me to fight against cancer.

Based on relative‘s strong recommendation and cancer related information search, approximately 10 days before the surgery, I decided to take China No.1 Tian Xian Liquid as the medical supplement for surgery. Every time when I drank one vial of Tian Xian Liquid, I would look at the mirror to find out whether there was any change in my tongue. I hoped that the miracle of herbal medication would make the surgery easier.

One day prior the surgery, the scan examination revealed that the focus of cancer in my tongue reduced by 1cm. Therefore, only a small portion of my tongue would be removed which would not cause difficulty of speaking and eating. The biopsy exam post surgery showed no cancer enlargement and metastasis. Doctor then required only regular examination and daily diet adjustment. Chemotherapy or radiotherapy was not necessary.

It seemed to me that God was testing me for the past three month, When I learned to treasure life and my family, God provided a guidance to lead me to a brighter future. After this experience, I realize the importance of health and care. Now, I am strong enough to wait for the birth of my first child and I know how happy fathers are when they see their children being born. I believe that I will be able to provide a safe and comfortable home for my child.

After all, I would like to thank my wife for her dedication to our family and her support to me when I was very ill. Because of her, we have hope and joy at home. Lastly, I would never forget to thank China No.1 Tian Xian Liquid.

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