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Ms. Kurosawa Kiku (87, Japan)

"After taking Tian Xian Liquid, I started to recover steadily. The haematemesis and stomach ache ceased in about a week and the bloody stool stopped after 20 days." - Li Chun Guang

The tumor was reduced to half its size within two months.

Disease: Ulcer Cancer of Stomach

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer-ulcer. The tumor was 3 cm X 4 cm in size. I suffered from bloody stool daily and haematemesis every 2 to 3 days, stomach pains and loss of appetite. My weight dropped from 64 kgs to 53 kgs.

After taking Tian Xian Liquid, I started to recover steadily, with haematemesis and stomach pains ceasing in about a week and bloody stool after 20 days.

After two months, I gained weight, to 62 kgs. From an X-ray examination, the tumor has reduced to 1 cm X 1.5 cm. At the beginning, I took Tian Xian Liquid with no confidence. Now, I feel good to have trusted it.

Li Chun Guang, 54 years old, male, Beijing City




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